Friday, December 18, 2009

An impact - story from RCT-PVCHR initiative on testimonial therapy in India

I and Lenin sir went to followup visit to Bazardiha, a weavers dominated of Varanasi on the second day of Capacity Building on Writing Skill Workshop. We took the quick testimony of three survivors of police firing and notice psychological symptoms, prior to this PVCHR did meta -legal intervention soon after the incidence.

After completion of workshop Mr. Upendra Kumar took testimony of two secondary survivors, Mr. Mukhtar and Mr. Salim whose son were killed in police firing.  We release the urgent appeal including the testimony of Mr. Mukhtar
Testimony was uploaded on youtube Mr. Mukhtar Mr. Salim

On 18th November, 09 these two survivor were honored by Ms. Sayeda Hameed, Member of Planning Commission, Government of India, New Delhi in Peoples' tribunal on the condition of Muslim Minority in Varanasi organized by PVCHR and supported by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust . please see the photo of the honor ceremony

 Soon after the honor ceremony we release statement and we write open letter to Prime Minister of India

Mr. Ali Anwar Ansari, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Cheif Whip of Janta Dal (U) political party raised question in the zero hours about issue the Bazardiha police firing alleging both State and Central Government and demand for the compensation to the deceased family. (Enclosure the letter)

 Not only private pain contribute in the poiltical campaign The Survivors were not only psychological healed but also actively participate in the follow up visit of Bazardiha by Dr. Sayeda Hameed  on 19 November, 09,which shows the process of empowerment of participatory and inclusive democracy at grass root level.

 A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 as a year for psychological support for survivors of TOV (Torture and Organized Violence).

With Warm Regards