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"Meri Pehchan" (My identity) campaign

PVCHR flagged "Meri Pehchan" (My identity) campaign in 72 model villages of Badagaon, Pindra block of Varanasi, Tanda block of Ambedkar Nagar, Robertsganj block of Sonbhadra, Chaka block of Allahabad and Domchach block of Jharkhand state of India. My Identity campaign is a way to break the culture of silence through I am some one as my identity as my dignity. 

After the preliminary analysis of 3000 format filed in the base line survey it was concluded that most of the people did not own any type of identity cards such as election card, Caste certificate, birth registration and death registration certificate. 
The objective of this campaign is to discussion in each village on the importance of identity card and how it contributes in creating torture free village.  
Caste Certificate is the proof of one’s belonging to a particular caste, especially in case one belongs to any of the ‘Scheduled Castes’, as specified in the Indian Constitution. The Government felt that the Scheduled Castes and Tribes need special encouragement and opportunities to progress at the same pace as the rest of the citizenry. As a result, as part of the Indian system of Protective Discrimination, there exist certain special privileges granted to this category of citizens, such as reservation of seats in the Legislatures and in the Government Service, waiving off a part or the whole of the fees for admission to schools and colleges, quotas in educational institutions, relaxation of upper age limits for applying to certain jobs, etc. To be able to avail these privileges, a citizen belonging to a Scheduled Caste must be in possession of a valid Caste Certificate.
Birth registration is central to ensuring that children are counted and have access to basic services such as health, social security and education. Knowing the age of a child is central to protecting them from child labour, being arrested and treated as adults in the justice system, forcible conscription in armed forces, child marriage, trafficking and sexual exploitation. A birth certificate as proof of birth can support the traceability of unaccompanied and separated children and promote safe migration. In effect, birth registration is their ‘passport to protection.’  Universal birth registration is one of the most powerful instruments to ensuring equity over a broad scope of services and interventions for children. 
 Election card is a unique identity card which has the individual’s name and personal data, such as address, date of birth, and father’s name. A photograph is also included in it. 
In the month of July the activists of PVCHR will reach to the house of each target group and write an application and submit it to concerned official. 
For more information please contact to . The in charge for the campaign in different blocks as follows:
1.      Badagaon: Ms. Chhaya and Mr. Dinesh Kumar Anal
2.      Pindra: Mr. Shiv Pratap Chaubey and Mr. Prabhakar
3.      Tanda: Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh and Mr. Digvijay Singh
4.      Robertsganj: Mr. Pintu Gupta, Mr. Mahesh Kumar Gupta and Shyam ji
5.      Chaka: Ms. Farhat Saba Khanam and Mr. Mahesh
6.      Domchach: Mr. Onkar Kumar Viswakarma and Ms. Vandana

Compensations in many Human rights violations and breaking of impunity

Case Details of File Number: 867/12/46/2012-AD
Diary Number 35406
Name of the VictimMOHAN LAL S/O DAYAL
Place of Incident TIKAMGARH
Date of Incident11/3/2011
Direction issued by the CommissionVide proceedings dated 21 December, 2012, the Commission recommended to the Government of Madhya Pradesh to pay an amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- (One lakh only) as interim relief to the next of kin of the deceased Mohan Lal Lodhi. After the coercive process was issued, the Commission has been informed that a sum of Rs. 1 lakh has been paid to the wife of Mohan Lal Lodhi on 31.3.2013 and a copy of proof of payment has also been forwarded by the State authorities. So far as the inquiry to be conducted by the CID is concerned, the State Government has informed the Commission that the Government is taking appropriate action to see that the inquiry is completed at the earliest and a copy of the report shall be forwarded to the Commission. In view of the above, the case may be closed. A copy of these proceedings shall be forwarded to the Information Officer of the Commission and to the recipient of the amount. However, Registry to issue a separate process calling upon the State Government to forward the report, that may be submitted by the CID, within a period of eight weeks without fail. LINKED WITH MAIN FILE NO.2172/12/46/2011-PCD.
Action TakenConcluded and No Further Action Required (Dated 5/21/2013 )
Status on 6/29/2013The Case is Closed.

Case Details of File Number: 5646/30/8/2011
Diary Number 150755
Name of the ComplainantDR. LENIN, GENERAL SECRETARY
Place of Incident LODHI COLONY
Date of Incident4/3/2011
Direction issued by the CommissionMurari Lal a Head Constable of Delhi police, who was driving a PCR Van in a rash and negligent manner, caused injuries to six persons sleeping on the pavement at Baramulla fly over on 4.10.11. Three persons sustained grievous injuries in the incident. The incident was reported in newspapers. The Commission took cognizance of the incident and after consideration of the reports received from the police department, monetary compensation of Rs. 50,000/- each to the grievously injured persons and 10,000/- each to the other injured was recommended vide proceedings dated 10.5.2012. When the recommendation of the Commission was communicated to the State government, Delhi Police informed that a detailed accident report was filed in the Court of Presiding Officer, MACT, Saket Courts, New Delhi and both the parties agreed to settle the case for a total amount of Rs. 1,05,000/- The Commission has also been informed that the delinquent head constable has been chartgesheeted and disciplinary proceedings have also been initiated against him. Vide proceedings dated 17.9.2012 the Commission asked the State government to send a copy of the claim filed before MACT and the order passed thereon by the Court. DCP, Vigilance, has sent a copy of order passed by Shri Sanjiv Jain, PO-MACT on 22.12.2011. On perusal of the order, it is seen that an amount of Rs. 10,000/- each was paid to Jogpal and Jai Singh. An amount of Rs. 20,000/- each was paid to Satyadan, Hari Singh and Arvind and an amount of Rs. 25,000/-was paid to Ramniwas. The injured persons have accepted the payment made to them in terms of the settlement. Since the six injured persons have received the agreed amount in the Court of PO-MACT, nothing more remains to be done in the matter. The case is closed. LINK FILE NO.5729/30/8/2011.
Action TakenConcluded and No Further Action Required (Dated 5/15/2013 )
Status on 6/29/2013The Case is Closed.
Case Details of File Number: 3113/30/2/2011
Diary Number 95284
Name of the VictimSURENDRA TAMANG
Address DELHI,
Place of IncidentDELHI
Date of Incident 6/24/2011
Direction issued by the CommissionThese proceedings shall be read in continuation of the earlier proceedings. Vide proceedings dated 23/10/12, the Commission recommended the Govt. of NCT of Delhi to pay a sum of Rs.50,000/- as monetary compensation to the next of kin of the deceased Surendra Tamang. In response, the Commission has received a communication dated 9/4/13 from the Deputy Secretary, Home, Govt. of NCT of Delhi enclosing a report dated 8/3/13 from Deputy Commissioner of Police, East District, Delhi that Rs. 50,000/- has been made vide cheque No. 755923 dated 22/2/13 in favour of Shiva Tamang father of deceased Suren Tamang (next of kin) on 4/3/13. A photo copy of receipt of above said cheque is enclosed herewith. The Addl. Commissioner of Police (Vigilance), Delhi vide communication dated 20/3/13 has informed that regular departmental enquiry has been initiated against HC Madan Pal which is at present at prosecution stage. The Commission has considered the material placed on record. In complaiance with the Commission's directions Rs. 50,000/- vide cheque No. 755923 dated 22/2/13 has been paid to the NoK of the deceased and the receipt of the same is enclosed. Regular departmental enquiry has been initiated against HC Madan Pal which is at present prosecution stage. In view of the aforesaid circumstances, no further intervention by the Commission is required. The case is closed. A copy of these proceedings should be sent to the IO of the Commission and to the recipient of the relief. LINK CASE 3556/30/2/2011
Action TakenConcluded and No Further Action Required (Dated 5/17/2013 )
Status on 6/29/2013The Case is Closed.

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मानवाधिकार जननिगारानी समिति की 8 सदस्यीय प्रतिनिधि मण्डल लखनऊ में मुख्यमंत्री व पुलिस महानिदेशक उत्तर-प्रदेश से मिलकर उत्तर-प्रदेश में मुस्लिमो पर हो रहे पुलिस उत्पीडन और सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता डा0 लेनिन रघुवंशी व श्रुती नागवंशी पर लगे फर्जी मुक़दमे की निष्पक्ष जांच कराने हेतु ज्ञापन दिया.......

मुख्यमंत्री कार्यालय से पूर्व निर्धारित मीटिंग के तहत आज दोपहर 2 बजे उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री माननीय श्री अखिलेश यादव के आवास (5 कालिदास मार्ग) पर मानवाधिकार जननिगरानी समिति के महासचिव डा0 लेनिन सहित आठ सदस्यों का प्रतिनिधि मण्डल मिलकर उनसे लगभग आधे घंटे तक मुलाक़ात कर बात-चीत किया | इस बात-चीत में प्रतिनिधियों ने उत्तर प्रदेश में मुसलमानों पर पुलिस यातना और दंगो में प्रताड़ित मुसलमानों के 40 केस उन्हें सौपा जिसपर उन्होंने त्वरित कार्यवाही का आश्वासन दिया |

 इसके साथ ही माननीय मुख्यमंत्री व पुलिस महानिदेशक उत्तर-प्रदेश श्री देवराज नागर ने डा0 लेनिन व अन्य 5 लोगो के ऊपर पूर्व में सन 2007 में 505 B के तहत लगे फर्जी मुकदमे व अभी वर्तमान में डा0 लेनिन व श्रुति पर लगे फर्जी मुकदमे की अपने स्तर से जांच कराकर तुरन्त कार्यवाही हेतु आश्वासन दिया | इसके साथ ही उत्तर-प्रदेश राज्य सरकार द्वारा बुनकरों के बिजली बिल माफी का आदेश होने के बावजूद भी बुनकरों का उत्पीडन किया जा रहा है इस विषय पर माननीय मुख्यमंत्री महोदय ने काफी गंभीरता से इस मामले की जांच की बात कही |       

अनूप श्रीवास्तव
सीनियर मैनेजर
मानवाधिकार जननिगरानी समिति
anup Kumar Srivastava

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My statement before my death

The accused of this case is police officials. On 16th June, 2013 the police official who came to my house said that now police are investigating your case under section 307 (attempt to murder) and after few days we are going to investigate a case under section 309 (suicide)of the IPC. If you are not helping us in making compromise with Bhageran Mahto. 

The police gave me this information in threatening way and already yesterday I mentioned in the letter sent to NHRC and other concerned authorities.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Virginity tests conducted on over 400 prospective brides in Madhya Pradesh

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: PVCHR Communication 
Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 9:26 AM
Subject: Virginity tests conducted on over 400 prospective brides in Madhya Pradesh
To: covdnhrc , jrlawnhrc
Cc: "Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi"

The Chairperson
National Human Rights Commission
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
I want to bring in your kind attention towards the news published on June 08 from 2013 Virginity tests conducted on over 400 prospective brides in Madhya Pradesh

Virginity tests conducted on over 400 prospective brides in Madhya Pradesh
A marriage ceremony marriage ceremony being held under Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana in MP.
It seems that controversies will not go away from Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's pet scheme - Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojna, aimed to help girls from poor families tie the knot at government expense.

On Friday, officials in Betul district allegedly conducted virginity/pregnancy tests on more than 450 prospective brides, of whom over a dozen were detected to be pregnant.

The district administration has ordered an enquiry into the matter but maintained no direction was given to the officials to conduct virginity/pregnancy tests.

On Friday, Betul district administration organised a mass marriage ceremony under the Mukhyamantri Kanyaadan Yojna in village Hardu, that comes under Chicholi Block.

For the mass marriage ceremony, more than 400 brides in traditional bridal finery - gilded sarees and gold jewellery arrived, while grooms, mostly came in three-piece suit and safari suits.

However, minutes before the exchange of garlands, and after completion of other registration formalities, district officials asked prospective brides to go through virginity/pregnancy tests if they wish to avail benefits of the MKY scheme.

Quickly, under the presence of two district health workers - J Budholiya and Durga Malviya alleged virginity - pregnancy tests were conducted on over 400 prospective brides.

On the grounds of suspicion, we conducted pregnancy tests on the brides, health worker Durga Malviya told newspersons in village Hardu.

The tests revealed nine of them were pregnant, said an official.

After the tests by district officials on the brides was over, chanting of vedic hymns begin and over 380 brides belonging to different caste and communities garlanded and tied the magalsutras, with officials pronouncing them to be husband and wives before the sacred fire.

Local legislator Gita Uike (BJP), who along with scores of government officials present during the occasion said she will take up the matter with the district collector.

She said she wanted to know the rules under which any tests were conducted on women who had come for the mass weddings.

Local legislator Gita Uike (BJP), Vijay Shah former Minister and other government officials were also present during the occasion.

However, the collector said no virginity test was conducted, but added that some couples who tried to drew benefits of the scheme through unfair means were stopped.

"No direction was given to the officials to conduct virginity/pregnancy tests on the women who had come to take part in the weddings under the scheme. However, we have ordered an enquiry into the matter. The enquiry will be conducted by Neha Marwiah, Upper Collector and report will be presented in seven-days," Rajesh Prasad Mishr, Betul collector said.

And on the basis of the report, action will be taken against the guilty, he said.  

This is not for the first time, when the local authorities ordered the virginity and pregnancy tests to weed out already-married brides and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan's flagship scheme has landed into trouble.

In 2009, Shahdol district administration has conducted virginity and pregnancy tests on the 152 prospective brides, of whom 14 were detected to be pregnant.

Moreover, reports of fake marriages and middlemen taking commission to produce married couples as unmarried to get their marriage solemnised and drew monetary benefits have often come into news.

The state has received irregularities-related complaints against Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana in over a dozen districts.

This scheme has been launched on the special initiative of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for helping poor families get rid of this worry in April 2006.

Marriages under the scheme are solemnised free of cost and all arrangements are made by the district administration.

Every bride is also provided assistance in the form of household items to the tune off Rs.9,000 and Rs.1,000 for bearing the expenses to attend a mass marriage ceremony, said an official.

The scheme aims to solemnise the marriage of daughters/widows/deserted women belonging to economically weaker sections and disabled category.

Between Apirl 1 2006 till this date, 1,60,977 mass marriages were solomenised under this scheme, the official added.
Therefore it is a kind request please take appropriate action at earliest.

Thanking You

Sincerely Yours

Shruti Nagvanshi 
Managing Trustee


Shirin Shabana Khan
Senior Manager
People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights
Sa 4/2 A Daulatpur, Varanasi -221002

Saturday, June 8, 2013

NHRC takes suo motu cognizance of a media report alleging thrashing of a woman in police station in UP.

NHRC takes suo motu cognizance of a media report alleging thrashing of a woman in police station in UP.

New Delhi, 6th June, 2013

The National Human Rights Commission has taken suo motu cognizance of a media report that the mother of a 9-year old boy was badly thrashed by the police personnel and pushed out of the Quarsi Police Station, Aligarh, UP, when she went to enquire about her son who was kept in the police lock-up. The contents of the press report, if true, raise a serious issue of violation of human rights. The Commission has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary and DGP, Uttar Pradesh, calling for a report within four weeks.

According to the news report, carried on 31st May, 2013, the boy was amongst 6 minors who were in the lock-up since 27th May, 2013, on complaints of committing theft. The mother of one of the children, went to the police station to enquire about his minor son and confronted the policemen for keeping him in the lock-up.

The In-charge of the police station, reportedly hurled abuses on her and asked his sub-ordinate lady Sub-Inspector to thrash away her. The woman was slapped, punched and kicked before being pushed out of the premises.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "PVCHR Communication" <>
Date: May 31, 2013 10:15 AM
Subject: खौफनाक पुलिस! महिलाओं पर थप्पड़ों की बौछार
To: "covdnhrc" <>
Cc: "jrlawnhrc" <>, "anup srivastava" <>

The Chairperson
National Human Rights Commission
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
I want to bring in your kind attention towards the news published in the Aaj Tak on 30th May, 2013 खौफनाक पुलिस! महिलाओं पर थप्पड़ों की बौछार 
खौफनाक पुलिस! महिलाओं पर थप्पड़ों की बौछार
आज तक ब्यूरो | नई दिल्ली, 30 मई 2013   |  अपडेटेड : 21:48 IST
अलीगढ़ में पुलिस ने महिलाओं पर जबरदस्त गुस्सा निकाला. यूपी के अलीगढ़ में महिलाओं के साथ थानेदार ने बदसलूकी इसलिए की क्योंकि इन महिलाओं ने उनके मासूम नाबालिग बच्चों के बारे में बात की थी. इन बच्चों को चार दिनों से थाने में बंद किया हुआ था जिसे लेकर महिलाएं थाने पर पहुंच गई और हंगामा करने लगी.
Therefore it is a kind request please take appropriate action at earliest.
Thanking You

Sincerely Yours

Shruti Nagvanshi 
Managing Trustee

Shirin Shabana Khan
Senior Manager
People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights
Sa 4/2 A Daulatpur, Varanasi -221002

Friday, June 7, 2013

I thought being born in Musahar community is a curse, even after being innocent I was blamed, it is better to de than to bear such torture.

I am Bhonu Musahar, 55 years a resident of village Kharagpur, Pindra block, Jhanjhaur Post, Phoolpur police station Varanasi (UP). My wife is Bhunta (45 years). We have two daughters Manju (26) and Kalawati (23) and a son Sunil (20) and all of them are married.
In May 2002 when I was a bandmaster with a team of 12 who could earn Rs 500 a day in marriage season and apart from it we also worked as labours which was enough to run my family.
In May 2002 I went for a marriage in Barwa-Jalalpur where I was called to play music for the marriage. We performed well and came back from there. Next day cops came to my house at around 10 am and asked for me and my brother Akkar. I was not at home and the cops told that at the place where I had gone to play music five Rajbhars were murdered and I was being called for interrogation so I shall be send to the police station as soon as I come back.
My name came up when one Ramdhani Musahar of Dharsauna was beaten up mercilessly by the cops investigating the murder case and out of fear and beating he took my and my brother’s name as suspect. Ramdhani is serving life imprisonment in the case and I am on bail.
When I came back home Bhutna told me about the visit of the cops but I avoided going to police station out of fear. Gangster act was imposed upon be later on.
When I did not turned up for next 90 days the police officer Bhullan got all my property attached. That day my wife, children and mother were at home and I was watching the proceeding from a distance hiding myself from the policemen.
The village Pradhan Shyam Narayam who was also present on the spot pleaded that I was not guilty but it did not worked. Four cops came to my house and broke open the door. They dragged all items outside and damaged the thatched roof. They took away bank documents and pass book of my wife’s account. When she resisted she was abused and kicked twice on her hand by the police officer, due to which bleeding took place. I wanted to save my wife but was afraid and out of fear I did not went to front. I though nobody was there to help us.
I started my efforts to get bail and got busy in other wok. Almost a month later cops again came to my house this time at 11 in the night when I was sleeping under a tree outside the house along with my wife. Cops came near to my bed and knocked with sticks. One of them focused the torch light upon my face and I was taken aback by the light beam. I asked who was it and the man replied, “I am Bhullan, the police officer, don’t you recognize me.”
One of the cops held me by the collar and said, “Get in to the jeep, we have some work.” All the way I was afraid and thinking why they are taking me and where. They took me one kilometer from my house and stopped near a nullah (open drain). They parked the vehicle under a tree and asked me to come out. All the cops came out and I was thinking what they have in mind for me.
Then suddenly the police officer Bhullan took out his gun and said, “My Durga wants sacrifice of a Musahar man. Tell me the address of your brother else you will be killed right now.”
I told him, “Sir, I do not know.” T which he replied, “If you tell me you will be rewarded.” Listening to his reply I started thinking that I will be killed now and what will happen to my family after my death. But I gathered courage and replied back, “You may kill me but I will not tell you anything.”
It was 12 midnight by then. After ten minutes they took me to the police station and locked me up at around 1 in the night. The lavatory was besides my cell and it was stinking. I could not sleep and thoughts about my encounter were coming continuously to my mind.
The next morning at 6 another office from the Cholapur police station came and I was sent to his chamber within a few minutes. That officer said I looked simple. He took me along with him to Babatpur crossing and gave me tea to drink and then took me to Cholapur police station. On the way he told me that if I take the onus of a murder of one Govind Pal of Murdahan in Bhawarpur village my life will be saved. Out of fear for life and compulsion I told him, “I will obey to you.”
However when I was taken to the SP I felt this man can really save me so I narrated the truth and said I was forced to take the onus of the murder by the officer of Cholapur police station. About 36 people from Bhawarpur had come as witness and they unanimously said, “He (Bhonu) can not kill anyone).” But the SP said he won’t help me.
At that time I felt I was trapped due to false case and deceitful attitude of the policemen. Due to mental and physical torture I was broken. I thought of getting out of jail and was worried about my family. My mind always thought that despite being innocent I was falsely being trapped in bogus cases and this had put up a challenge before my family for survival.
That officer took me to the police station and tied me up. He mercilessly showered canes on my feet, palms and back. I pleaded, “Leave me.” He said, “You change statement” and abused me. I thought being born in Musahar community is a curse, even after being innocent I was blamed, it is better to de than to bear such torture.
That day at around 3 pm a challan (name slip) was issued for me to be lodged in Chaukaghat jail (prison) and cases under section 394/302, 396/302 were imposed upon me through the court. I was made culprit in Govind Pal murder case. With this the officer got promotion and I was ordered for jail. I was made to clean the jail premises and toilet and was working from 5 am to 11 am and then from 2 pm to 5 pm.
I didn’t felt staying over there. Mosquito bite gave fever and other health problem but doctors there gave only one medicine for all ailments. I always though about my family and the false case. I though should I commit suicide and always used to sleep on the floor over a blanket.
 For 26 months I remained there before my wife with her earning from the field work she did got money for my bail and took me out. Coming back home my neighbours supported me but cops used to lift me for every cases that happened in the vicinity. They made it a habit.
On June 26, 2010 an old Baba of village Gajokhar (Khalispur) was killed I connection with a theft of a bronze plate and few other items. These days I was working as partner on the field when suddenly on morning three cops came on two motorcycles of which one was in civil dress. They slapped me and abused me and took me to police station.
On the direction of Arya Pandey I was beaten up mercilessly and finally when I pleaded them to kill me they sent me to the court. There I came to know that I have been against trapped in a false case, this time for murder of that old Baba. I was again sent to Chaukaghat jail for 3-4 months. I felt I should commit suicide but had to bear all that for my family.
I was finally left by the court in the fake gangster act, 60 ex act, 394/302 Ipc, 460 IPC. God gave the proof of my innocence even after cops were behind me. The cases of old Baba under section 460 and gunda act were there.
I wish the cops do not implicate me in any more false case. Now days me and my family always fear advent of cops at our door. We fear going out, sleeping in the night, livelihood, as all these cases have broken the economy of my family. I follow meditation that helps me keep cool.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

NHRC issues notice to the UP Government on allegations of caste-based discrimination and sexual exploitation in Bundelkhand region.

NHRC issues notice to the UP Government on allegations of caste-based discrimination and sexual exploitation in Bundelkhand region.
New Delhi, 6th June, 2013

The National Human Rights Commission has taken cognizance of a complaint alleging that caste-based discrimination, sexual exploitation and untouchability are widespread in Bundelkhand area of UP, which is very backward. In the demography of the region, 53 percent are OBCs, 25 percents Scheduled Castes/Dalits, 10 percent tribals and 12 percent are Thakur and Brahmins who own land, but dominate others.

The Commission has issued notice to Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh calling for a report within four weeks into the allegations. It has also asked its Director General (Investigation) to send a Fact Finding Team.

Allegedly, a Dalit needs to take off his shoes and hold it in his hand, if a Thakur is approaching towards him. He has to do so while visiting a locality in the village inhabited by upper caste. The complainant, Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi of PVCHR, Varanasi, UP, has alleged that this practice is prevalent in several villages of District Lalitpur in the region.

He has also alleged that the women of the Balmiki community manually dispose off human faces and carcass of dead animals. Violence against women is rampant and during the last few years, a number of Sati deaths have been reported from the region. There have been cases of selling of daughters or wives to repay debts even as the sex-ratio is very adverse in the area.

The complainant has prayed for appropriate action against the system under the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1995 and Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.