Monday, January 10, 2011

Testimony of M. Tomba Singh (Moirang)

My name is Moirangthem Tomba Singh (name change) I am 35 years old and I live at Moirang. I am a married man and today I have two children.
One day in the month of Oct. 2010, during the night, some state police force came to house in a Maruti Gypsy. As they enter my house, they called my name repeatedly, and started knocking at the door. During that time I was sick and bedridden. However I wake up and open the door. As soon as I open the door they caught hold of me and told me to come out of the house to discuss something. I told them that I am sick and let’s talk inside my house. However they don’t listen to my request and drag me out of the room, and at that moment my family members came out and asked what the matter was. Some of my family members started crying and requested them to leave me alone.
Without saying anything the police personal pushed aside my family members and pushed me inside their Maruti Gypsy. My mother asked the police personals the reason for my arrest. I also requested the police that if they are arresting me, then please give the arrest memo to my family members.
Instead of giving arrest memo, they told me that “You know many things about the law and you are aware of these things, this shows, what type of person you are”. Without giving the arrest memo, they blindfolded me and took me too many places. Inside the vehicle they asked me, to which group (UG group) I belong to? They keep on asking this question repeatedly. I told them that, I am just a simple social worker and I don’t work or have any relationship with any underground group. Then they drive the vehicle to another direction. Again they asked me,” In which UG group you belong, and where do you hide the weapons, and tell us the truth, otherwise you will be shot and killed.
Again I told them that I am a simple man and I don’t know anything about the underground group and I don’t have any relation with any UG group. After sometime they took me at Kumbi Police Station. There they beat me up and tortured me for several hours. They asked many questions about the underground organization. Finally after knowing that I am an innocent person, they brought out a blank paper and forced me to signed (signature) on it. After I signed on the blank paper they set me free from there custody.
Due to their torture and humiliation I am very depressed and today I am afraid of my life. My family members also fells very sad. One more thing is that, today many people seem to have some suspicion on just because I was arrest and torture by Police. Here, I want to appeal to everyone that, arresting and torturing someone like me without any reason is a very sad thing. It should not happen again, not only to me but to other too. Last, but not the least let us all work together to stop torture.

Testimony from Wide Angle, Members organization of NATT