Friday, May 18, 2012

Code of Conduct for Police in India A Code of Conductwas prescribed for the police, by the National Police Commission(NPC) which was based on one, adopted in conference by the InspectorsGeneral of Police (IsGP) in 1960( IsGP Conference is an annual feature. All the IGP's of State Police and other Central and Para Military Police Forces meet annually in a conference and deliberate upon the contemporary issues facing police. The recommendations are forwarded to the Ministry of Home, Govt. of India.). In order that the role and duties of the police in the Criminal Justice System may be clearly defined the National Police Commission recommended that the basic role and duties of the Police may be incorporated in the revised Police Act. It recommended for adoption, the Code of Conduct adopted at the Conference of the IsGP in 1960 and circulated to the State Governments. The Code has the following clauses: 1. The police must bear faithful allegiance to the Constitution of India and respect and uphold the rights of the citizens as guaranteed in it. 2. The police are essentially a law enforcement agency. The law should be enforced firmly without fear, favour, malice or vindictiveness. 3. The police should recognize and respect the limitations of their powers and functions and should not usurp the functions of the judiciary and sit in judgment on cases. 4. In securing the observance of law or in maintaining order the police should use the methods of persuasion, advice and warning. Should these fail, the absolute minimum force required should be used. 5. The prime duty of the police is to prevent crime and disorder. 6. Police must remember that they are members of the public and they give full time attention to duties which normally every citizen should perform. 7. The police should realize that the efficient performance of their duties will be dependent on the extent of ready cooperation they receive from the public. 8. The police should be sympathetic and considerate to all people and should be constantly mindful of their welfare. 9. The police shall always place duty before self, remain calm and good humoured, whatever the provocation and be ready to sacrifice their lives in protecting those of others. 10. The police should always be courteous and well mannered, dependable and unattached and should have dignity and courage. They should cultivate character and trust of the people. 11. Police should maintain a high standard of discipline and display unstinted obedience to superiors and loyalty to the force. 12. (As amended by the National Police Commission) The Police should recognize that their full utility is best ensured by maintaining high order of discipline, faithful performance of duties according to law and implicit obedience to direction of commanding ranks and loyalty to the force and by keeping themselves in a state of constant training and preparedness. MHA - Model Code of Conduct - Indian Police