Friday, June 7, 2013

I thought being born in Musahar community is a curse, even after being innocent I was blamed, it is better to de than to bear such torture.

I am Bhonu Musahar, 55 years a resident of village Kharagpur, Pindra block, Jhanjhaur Post, Phoolpur police station Varanasi (UP). My wife is Bhunta (45 years). We have two daughters Manju (26) and Kalawati (23) and a son Sunil (20) and all of them are married.
In May 2002 when I was a bandmaster with a team of 12 who could earn Rs 500 a day in marriage season and apart from it we also worked as labours which was enough to run my family.
In May 2002 I went for a marriage in Barwa-Jalalpur where I was called to play music for the marriage. We performed well and came back from there. Next day cops came to my house at around 10 am and asked for me and my brother Akkar. I was not at home and the cops told that at the place where I had gone to play music five Rajbhars were murdered and I was being called for interrogation so I shall be send to the police station as soon as I come back.
My name came up when one Ramdhani Musahar of Dharsauna was beaten up mercilessly by the cops investigating the murder case and out of fear and beating he took my and my brother’s name as suspect. Ramdhani is serving life imprisonment in the case and I am on bail.
When I came back home Bhutna told me about the visit of the cops but I avoided going to police station out of fear. Gangster act was imposed upon be later on.
When I did not turned up for next 90 days the police officer Bhullan got all my property attached. That day my wife, children and mother were at home and I was watching the proceeding from a distance hiding myself from the policemen.
The village Pradhan Shyam Narayam who was also present on the spot pleaded that I was not guilty but it did not worked. Four cops came to my house and broke open the door. They dragged all items outside and damaged the thatched roof. They took away bank documents and pass book of my wife’s account. When she resisted she was abused and kicked twice on her hand by the police officer, due to which bleeding took place. I wanted to save my wife but was afraid and out of fear I did not went to front. I though nobody was there to help us.
I started my efforts to get bail and got busy in other wok. Almost a month later cops again came to my house this time at 11 in the night when I was sleeping under a tree outside the house along with my wife. Cops came near to my bed and knocked with sticks. One of them focused the torch light upon my face and I was taken aback by the light beam. I asked who was it and the man replied, “I am Bhullan, the police officer, don’t you recognize me.”
One of the cops held me by the collar and said, “Get in to the jeep, we have some work.” All the way I was afraid and thinking why they are taking me and where. They took me one kilometer from my house and stopped near a nullah (open drain). They parked the vehicle under a tree and asked me to come out. All the cops came out and I was thinking what they have in mind for me.
Then suddenly the police officer Bhullan took out his gun and said, “My Durga wants sacrifice of a Musahar man. Tell me the address of your brother else you will be killed right now.”
I told him, “Sir, I do not know.” T which he replied, “If you tell me you will be rewarded.” Listening to his reply I started thinking that I will be killed now and what will happen to my family after my death. But I gathered courage and replied back, “You may kill me but I will not tell you anything.”
It was 12 midnight by then. After ten minutes they took me to the police station and locked me up at around 1 in the night. The lavatory was besides my cell and it was stinking. I could not sleep and thoughts about my encounter were coming continuously to my mind.
The next morning at 6 another office from the Cholapur police station came and I was sent to his chamber within a few minutes. That officer said I looked simple. He took me along with him to Babatpur crossing and gave me tea to drink and then took me to Cholapur police station. On the way he told me that if I take the onus of a murder of one Govind Pal of Murdahan in Bhawarpur village my life will be saved. Out of fear for life and compulsion I told him, “I will obey to you.”
However when I was taken to the SP I felt this man can really save me so I narrated the truth and said I was forced to take the onus of the murder by the officer of Cholapur police station. About 36 people from Bhawarpur had come as witness and they unanimously said, “He (Bhonu) can not kill anyone).” But the SP said he won’t help me.
At that time I felt I was trapped due to false case and deceitful attitude of the policemen. Due to mental and physical torture I was broken. I thought of getting out of jail and was worried about my family. My mind always thought that despite being innocent I was falsely being trapped in bogus cases and this had put up a challenge before my family for survival.
That officer took me to the police station and tied me up. He mercilessly showered canes on my feet, palms and back. I pleaded, “Leave me.” He said, “You change statement” and abused me. I thought being born in Musahar community is a curse, even after being innocent I was blamed, it is better to de than to bear such torture.
That day at around 3 pm a challan (name slip) was issued for me to be lodged in Chaukaghat jail (prison) and cases under section 394/302, 396/302 were imposed upon me through the court. I was made culprit in Govind Pal murder case. With this the officer got promotion and I was ordered for jail. I was made to clean the jail premises and toilet and was working from 5 am to 11 am and then from 2 pm to 5 pm.
I didn’t felt staying over there. Mosquito bite gave fever and other health problem but doctors there gave only one medicine for all ailments. I always though about my family and the false case. I though should I commit suicide and always used to sleep on the floor over a blanket.
 For 26 months I remained there before my wife with her earning from the field work she did got money for my bail and took me out. Coming back home my neighbours supported me but cops used to lift me for every cases that happened in the vicinity. They made it a habit.
On June 26, 2010 an old Baba of village Gajokhar (Khalispur) was killed I connection with a theft of a bronze plate and few other items. These days I was working as partner on the field when suddenly on morning three cops came on two motorcycles of which one was in civil dress. They slapped me and abused me and took me to police station.
On the direction of Arya Pandey I was beaten up mercilessly and finally when I pleaded them to kill me they sent me to the court. There I came to know that I have been against trapped in a false case, this time for murder of that old Baba. I was again sent to Chaukaghat jail for 3-4 months. I felt I should commit suicide but had to bear all that for my family.
I was finally left by the court in the fake gangster act, 60 ex act, 394/302 Ipc, 460 IPC. God gave the proof of my innocence even after cops were behind me. The cases of old Baba under section 460 and gunda act were there.
I wish the cops do not implicate me in any more false case. Now days me and my family always fear advent of cops at our door. We fear going out, sleeping in the night, livelihood, as all these cases have broken the economy of my family. I follow meditation that helps me keep cool.