Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Election of Governing Board and Social Audit of Jan Mitra Nyas/PVCHR

15th August, 2013, Thursday:

 Orientation and election of Representative assembly from partners community and membership structure of PVCHR: Lenin Raghuvanshi & Jai Kumar Mishra

16th August, 2013, Friday:

·         Election for the representative assembly continues: from staff of PVCHR/JMNJMN: Ajay Singh, Anup Srivastava & Shirin Shabana Khan

·         Inauguration & Key note address: Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi

·         Election of Governing Board: Office of Secretary General 

·         Meeting of Governing Board & election of President and Vice President: Office of Secretary General

·         Meeting of new Governing Board: Lenin Raghuvanshi

·         Meeting of office of secretary General: Lenin Raghuvanshi

17th August, 2013, Saturday:

 ·         Presentation of the initiative: Anup Srivastava, Shirin Shabana Khan

• PVCHR/JMN in 2012 
• Comprehensive program for women and children sectors 
• Comprehensive program for survivors of torture and Organized Violence 
• Program for national lobby, campaign and advocacy 
• Program for international solidarity, partnership and networking 
• Comprehensive program for model villages and model blocks 

Discussion & approval of next six month planning: Shruti Nagvanshi

18th August, 2013, Sunday

 ·         Social Audit :Shruti Nagvanshi & Ajay Singh

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