Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chero & Bhaiga - Tribal Conference 2011

India's oldest primitive tribes are Baiga & Chero tribe, which found in costal side of Sone River in Sonebhadra district. It is considered that their principal residence lies in the eastern part of the Satpuda Mountain. These tribes depend on the forest resources and do farming on Jhum. Currently their traditional farming has been banned and their existences are at risk, because they learned no other and don’t have ownership on land.

The conference held from 24th April, 2011 evening to 25th April evening in village Devatan (Launga Dam), Block – Chopan under jurisdiction – Kaun of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.

The two-day conference focused on brainstorm session to protect tribal culture and 25 survivors of witch craft, torture and organized violence by the police were honored by the testimony, shawl and garland.

Programs begin with the tribal culture and workship of their God. Hanif Bhai “Adivasi Vikas Seva Samiti sing the revolutionary songs and fill the people with the passion. Bhudhi Ram Toppo survivor of police torture and the feudal system shared his anguish and National President of the Chero society and the chief guest Hari Ram Chero called to be companion in his struggle. Ram Prasad Bharti, ex- survivor now associated with the same mainstream. Give the social message by singing a song.

The chief guest at the conference highlighting on the tribal culture and stated" with the time our culture is declining and its protection is necessary. We people should stay away from evils like alcohol and excessive emphasis on education of children otherwise will be capture in the chain of slavery

He excited after hearing the context of the Program and even started to narrate his own testimony “Since I came into politics, I also became the victim of police torture, I am facing more than 20 case on myself, it is all due to big people." The program was headed by writer and novelist Ram Nath Shivendra Nath ji and he addressed, “he called tribal have to identify their power and continue their power to struggle to identify and through life on the life, culture and people residing in the mountain.”

Mr. Upendra Kumar, Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights honored the chief guest with shawl and garland and Satyaprkash and Pintu assigned him the poster. Mr. Upendra Kumar briefly explained about testimonial therapy and highlighted that the self suffering of the survivors should be kept between the responsible people provide much psychological relief to the survivor. The survivors are again inspired to re-join in the mainstream of society. On this ceremonial launch the survivor express their pain and agony by sing song.

In the night all people have collective dinner. The program was facilitated by senior advocate Ashok Tiwari and program was attended by the Charo community dignitaries and collaborative peoples’ organization such as Adivasi Vikas Seva Samiti, Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights and Sarvodaya Sikshan Sansthan.