Monday, March 18, 2013

For sixteen years my eyes searching for son

Even today our society and the law and order system is such a blind that nothing can be said about it where the guilty wanders free and the innocent is languishing behind the bars. Here is a case of a mother who has been waiting for her son like a dead person. Let us go through her story.
My name is Mula Devi, 70, years and my husband is Late Shobhnath. I am Chauhan by caste. I have five sons Ramji, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughan and Shyam. My daughter-in-law is Usha Devi. I am a resident of 51/12 Nawapura, police station Kotwali, district Varanasi.

The economic condition of my family is not good. My younger son sells paper toys that he makes. We somehow manage our daily bread. At present I am living in a rented shed. I had never thought that I will see such a day in my life. The incident happened on June 05, 1996. My daughter was married in Khojwa police station Bhelupura and at her in-laws house murder of my daughter’s brother-in-law, his wife and three kids took place.

On October 06, 1996 cops came at my residence early in the morning and asked for my son Ram ji. They had canes in hands and were abusing and immediately they asked, ‘where is murderer Ram ji.’

I resisted their move and said why are you talking like this how can my son be murderer. But they pushed me and entered the house to search.

I started crying and the cops beat up my son and took him away forcibly in a jeep.

At that time the entire family was in a state of shock and my daughter-in-law and granddaughter started crying. I was unable to understand what should I do. My son was not asked any question at the police station, told my younger son. The entire family was unable to think how have we been trapped in such a case and whose fault it is. I felt unconscious. The situation did not changed and sixteen years have passed. My son did not came back. Day and night I fear for my son and in attempt to save him we have sold off everything that was in the house. And ever since I have come to know that my son has been sentenced death penalty I feel the law may give the penalty to me instead of my son. Now with what hope I should live. I feel I will die. For the entire night I cry and pray to god that he may send back my son but who will in this world listen to me.

Somehow my son gets back is my wish. This is a true story of sixteen years and I don’t feel satisfied even after sharing it with you.

I still fear at heart. Having met you people I feel relaxed. Please save my son from the death penalty. He is innocent person.


Interviewer: Chaya Devi