Thursday, July 29, 2010

report of workshop on health

The two days workshop “during pre - natal and after care, safe motherhood, imbalance sex ratio, child marriage and law and its Impact on female and girls” was organized in hotel Kamesh Hut on 17 – 18th July, 2010. 33 women’s and 18 male participated in the workshop.

The workshop started with the recitation of the dalits thinker “difference between women and women”. Ms. Shruti explain the objective of organizing workshop and also briefly highlight about hosting organization Raj Dulari Foundation, Savitiri Bai Phule Women’s Forum and Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human Rights. She also discuss about the data showing the precarious condition of the women and girls.

 In every 8 minutes one woman died during delivery in which 50% died to the infection and bleeding.
 In India 65000 women died every year during child delivery and 25000 in Uttar Pradesh
 MMR in India is 265 but alone in Uttar Pradesh it is 440. The condition of Bihar is better than Uttar Pradesh as MMR rate reduce from 371 to 312.
 56.2% women are suffering from anaemia.
 33% are victims of malnutrition
 Lack of blood in every second teenager girls.
 49% women weight less than 45 kg.
 56% illiterate mothers give birth with less weight.

Understanding this condition the role of NGO community mobilizer, ASHA, ANM should be cautiously for the safe institutional delivery of the pregnant mothers. Dr. Anju Jain briefly presented the pre- natal care and opens the forum for the discussion on the solution and eradication of the myths.

Dr. Amit Jain explains about the immunization of the child. Dr. Pravin Verma discuss about the problem faced by the women in old age and also their caring. Ms. Shruti explains about the impact of unequal sex ratio on the women and children and PDNT Act. Mr. Anup Kumar Srivastava presented the impact of child marriage on girls and women and open discussion with the participants.

On the same occasion five girls Chanda, Jyoti, Puja, Vimla and Madhuri -who fought against the child marriage, with Savitri Bai Phule Memorial Award. It is noted that these girls were supported with the scholarship from the Raj Dulari Foundation since class 9. With the help of sponsorship these girls were able to continue their study otherwise they might get married. It is noted that it is in result 10 years effort in the area of Baghwanala with the support of Child Right and You (CRY), Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT), Parul Sharma, Raj Dulari Foundation, Helma Ritscher, DIG (Germany) and InWent.

Few participants were planning for the marriage of the teenagers girls but after understanding its demerit, they took oath that they will marry their girls in appropriate age. In the last session of the workshop participants designed plan of action:

 To documentation of the violation against women and girls.
 To analyse the condition and design program which bring change in the condition through legal advocacy and counselling.
 Documentation of the successful story and time to time sharing in the society. To honor the women’s’ and girls so they may be encourage other women’s.
 More awareness in the community about safe motherhood, healthy child.
 To identify the sexual discrimination and discuss.
 To discuss on the social evil and on its impact, such as child marriage, imbalanced sex ratio.
 To enrich the teenagers to take care after marriage.

The out comes of the workshop was:

 It made sense that for a safe delivery it is not only sufficient to delivery in hospital by a trained nurse and doctor but also it is necessary to special care of pregnant lady during pregnancy in women health point of view.
 How to avoid the factor which impact on women health after a long time
 Things to keep in mind for the prospective of child health---- Vaccination, food, cleanness which far reaching effect on health
 Take care things in old age
 What is the effect on women and girls of unequal sex ratio
 What is PNDT Act
 Effect of child marriage on women and girls and law

Resource person:

 Dr. Anju Jain - Gynaecologist (MBBS, DGO & DNB)
 Dr. Amit Jain - Paediatric specialist (M.D, DCH)
 Dr. Praveen Verma – Physician (BAMS, Panchkarma)
 Mr. Manoj Singh – District coordinator UNICEF programme.
 Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi – lmbalance sex ratio,
 Mr. Anup Srivastava child marriage, impact on female and girls

Pre Natal Care of Pregnant