Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Private pain into political campaign

Hira Lal hold tear in his eyes after hearing his self suffering from the mouth of other in the honor ceremony held on 12th April, 2011 in Primary School Iltifatganj, Tanda Ambedkar Nagar of Uttar Pradesh.

The survivor being hugged after honor ceremony

The program started by the folk song sung by Abdul Hasnath, Mohd. Sadik and Mohd. Aslam focusing on the farmer condition in Tanda. The testimony of the five survivors was read to the public and the survivors were honoured with the testimony and traditional white shawl. The name of the survivors were Mohd. Sabrin. Tabrej Ahmad, Manik Chandra Hasnain, Satish Dubey, Thakur Dai and Hira Lal. Surya Narayen, Dr. Sri Mani Ram Verma, lecturer Adharsya Janya Mahavidyalaya, Dr. Ashok Kumar Driwedi, Psychologist and Saiyad Mohd. Ahmad, Retired Deputy Commissioner Consumer Forum, Mr. Upendra Kumar and local participation of around 150 people who join the struggle against TOV.

The program proceeds giving brief introduction about D. K Basu Guideline, I.P.C & Cr.P.C and followed with the as he raised the issues related to the down trodden and victims of any category candidly.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Driwedi, Psychologist, said “Any kind of violence or torture has direct effects on human hearts and minds. Some do and some cannot tolerate and it becomes a crucial obstacle in their lives. The many types of signs are cropping up such as annoying, crying, feeling uncomfortable in meeting with the people, loss of mind at work and fearful etc. comes in forms. Awareness is required to prevent torture and organized violence”.

Sri Saiyad Mohd. Ahmad, Retired Deputy Commissioner Consumer Forum & senior lawyer, said “In India 2 ½ lakhs people are in jail and still the case is not recorded against them. They are innocent and even jailed. In Indian court 2 crores and 70 lakhs cases are still pending and day to day custodial deaths are happening. Later he emphasized on Right to Information Act, 2005 and act related to the consumers such Upbhokta Kanoon (Consumer Act); Jan hit Kanoon (Public interest law). He appealed to the people until and unless we will not be aware we cannot fight for our rights.”

Surya Narayen Singh, General Secretary of Sc/St welfare society said “Right to Information Act is a good weapon for us. The story of police torture on poor and marginalized are continually exposed to new forms. We should try to save them by giving more and more information about laws and regulations.”

The program ended by giving vote of thanks by Mr. Ansar Ahmad.