Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unheared voice from Bundelkhand

Ten human rights defenders/community workers were trained in the TOT workshop on Testimonial Therapy in Chitrakoot with the local co-ordiantion of NATT member Institute of Social Development Trust in March, 2011. In the second week the survivors of torture and organized violence.

To complete the third phase of testimonial therapy Institute of Social Development Trust organized the honor ceremony on 15th May, 2011. The program started with the brief introduction given by Mr. Upendra Kumar behind organizing honor ceremony after providing psychological support through testimonial therapy to the survivors of TOV. The testimony was read out by the human rights defender and survivors were honoured by the garland and religious shawl known as Pitambari.

Mangal Singh became emotional while being honoured and he appealed to the people present in the hall to support his struggle in Kabrai. Nasrin Begam hold tear in her eyes while being honoured and after looking her testimonies a smile was noticed on her face.

Dr. R.P Singh Reader, Rural Management, in M.G. Chitrakoot Gramin Viswa Vidyalaya said that today's human being forgotten the humanitarian aspects, today we are witnessing whose appearance today, torture and violence.

Dr.Rajesh Kumar Tripathi said there were some rules to run the society but day to day it is degrading and which result in increase of the torture and organized violence in the society. He also added in 1980 in our country victims were identified to provide assistance after the work was started but did not come before the desired result. He appreciated this initiative and said each and every family of bundelkhand is facing human rights abuse. In that condition PVCHR and ISDT is doing commendable job.

Puspendra Bhai, a human rights defender said the human must develop the will power not racist. The day when we will understand relation on that day violence will end. Mr. Rudra Prasad Mishra said two hurts in life are painful i.e. Birth and death, the rest feel sorrow, words and deeds are received by society. If we increase our health and strengthen than no one can harm us.

Dr. Kusum Singh said that today's each individual is the victim of torture in the social and democratic system. May be it is mental and physical torture. She pays kudos to all social workers involved in this respect.

In the honor ceremony Mrs. Amayadevi, Nasrin Begum, Manudevi, Rajkumari, Ashadevi, Mamatadevi, Mr Bhola Prasad Verma, Rajaram Sahu, Ramesh Chandra, Shivlal, Panachakm Das, Babu Singh, Mohan Lal Verma, Mangal Singh, Indrpal and Puspendra Bhai were honored and the program was attended ny other renowned person.

The program end with the vote of thanks given by Mr. Ram Naresh of Institute of Social Development Trust.

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