Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am Jodhilal and 46 years old. I live in Ghagri village, which is in Sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. My wife Manbhasiya is 45 year old. I am a farmer. I have 2 sons and 7 daughters. One among my sons and 2 daughters are married. She used to help me in tilling and ploughing the land. But now she is physically and mentally incapacitated. Now I am passing through most painstaking days of my life.

On July 2010, at around 4.00 p.m. Ramroop, my wife’s cousin belonging to same lineage called her as his nephew, Deepak, whose 1 year old son had died. When my wife reached there, Deepak started hurling abuse and shouted, “You ‘witch’ had gobbled up my son, and he has died.” Then, Ramroop threw the dead child on my wife’s lap and said, “You are swallowing up each and every member of the family. Turn him alive or otherwise we would undressed and shave off your hair. We would blacken your head and whiten your face with lime. Then round you up through out the village.” Ramroop clutched her elbow and pushed her inside. My wife was crying incessantly but 40 people, who had gathered there stood as a mute spectator. She was taken inside and then, Deepak caught my wife’s arm and hammered the axe over her head. Still, then she was conscious. Again he incessantly ironed the blow with the axe and then she fell down. Blows were rained on her lips and her front tooth broke. Then, he punched the axe on her cheek, she was unconscious and blood started oozing out of her chest, lips and cheek.

When I reached there I was quite shocked to see what had happened to my wife. Villagers were standing as mute spectators. Seeing the condition of my wife, my daughter-in-law Rajmati and daughter Suman Devi wept uncontrollably. Villagers lend their helping hand to carry my wife up to my door. Villagers thought that Manbasiya had died but some of them said that she is alive and immediately take her to the hospital. At that moment, I was confused where the money would come from as I had no single paise in my pocket. Then, Jaimangal called for a vehicle from Bhabni. I mortgaged my land and 13 mahua trees and got Rs. 1,000 as a loan. Then I rushed to the Government Hospital in Myorpur. Seeing my wife, the doctor said she is in a very critical state, rush her to BHU Hospital. I told the doctor I have no money, please admit her. Then, the doctor asked me to arrange for some money. I rang up my son and told him to bring the money. Then, the doctor asked the nurse to admit my wife and start the saline drip. When my son reached in the morning, then stitching was done. After an hour my wife was responsive to the medicine and regained her consciousness. Then she narrated the entire incident to us. She was discharged from the hospital after 10 days.

We went to the police station for filing a FIR but police refused to do that. After that, when I carried the medical report to Bhabni police station then, the police abused us with choicest epithets and drove us away. I got panicky and feared that they might eliminate my daughter-in-law or daughter. Distraught and dejected, we used to think would they attack us again.

After 2 days, villagers suggested us to talk to a lawyer. I had to go to Dudhi for purchasing wife’s medicine and then I went to the court. The lawyer helped in issuing a warrant against the guilty. Then, the police took my wife to Bhabni police station and then a FIR was filed. Sub Inspector Mishra filed FIR against Deepak, Dev Kushan, and Hoti Lal.

Earlier, they had tried to grab my land and trees. But those who have done detestable act to my wife should be given exemplary punishment. I am quite relieved after narrating the entire incident to you. I am feeling relaxed after the meditation.

Therapist: Pintu